eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries on the globe. This is fantastic news for everyone in eCommerce but many companies selling online are struggling to fulfil their orders without compromising on quality of service. They are unable to successfully scale with the increased demand and have lost track of what stock they have where in the warehouse. They need appropriate warehouse software.

Peoplevox provides the only warehouse management system for eCommerce. With our warehouse management software, our Clients’ customers view live-to-the second inventory and receive 100% order accuracy. The impact on our clientele? They create loyal customers as their orders are despatched on time, first time, every time. No overselling, no mis-picks, no lost stock.

Partner with Peoplevox eCommerce warehouse software and your customers, warehouse operators and everyone inbetween will experience the vast benefits. If you have a problem occurring within the 4 walls of your warehouse, we can take care of it.

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Peoplevox founder, Jonathan Bellwood, shares 9 reasons Peoplevox’s warehouse management software is speedy to deploy.

Jonathan Bellwood, Founder of Peoplevox shares his ‘Top 10 tips for the ultimate eCommerce warehouse’ with retailers and eCommerce industry consultants at Internet Retailing’s Supply Chain Jump Start, London, UK.



>> Off-The-Shelf Integrations – Proven integrations for the eCommerce software ecosystem that are widely deployed, tested and reliable. These include Magento, MetaPack, ChannelAdvisor and Sage 200.

>> Speedy Deployment – Born out of frustration with traditional, legacy software, Peoplevox eCommerce warehouse software utilises a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for predictable implementation in 4-12 weeks.

>> Continuous Innovation – Agile methodologies and unique insight into eCommerce warehouse operations drives our warehouse software design and development.

>> Scalable Growth – We have Clients with up to 140,000 stock keeping units, 55,000 pick locations, 600,000 units per warehouse and shipping orders which are 50% single items using Peoplevox  eCommerce warehouse software.

>> Warehouse Services – As well as providing eCommerce warehouse management software, our Clients benefit from on-site visits to learn the best-practices in warehouse layout, despatch setup, goods-in processes and more.

>>Support – Support for our eCommerce warehouse software is given via a ticket system. Every Client receives expertise from the best member of the support team for their requirements.

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