Why we are called Peoplevox

People often say we sound like a human resources company. The truth is that we chose Peoplevox as ‘People’ are the most important component of our business, where we relentlessly hunt for the best stars to join us. ‘Vox’ stands for the ‘voice’ of the customer.

We believe that if we remind ourselves of these two things daily, we will continue to head in the right direction towards our vision: “Provide companies with a warehouse management system that they can deploy quickly, use easily and generate rich reports from.”


About Peoplevox

Peoplevox warehouse management software has helped ship more than 10,000,000 orders from over 100 websites and marketplaces with 99.99% accuracy in the last 12 months.

A new approach to order fulfilment, Peoplevox aims to provide a warehouse management system that suits the needs of both growing eCommerce companies and traditional businesses.

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Culture and philosophy

Walk into our office and you’ll see straight out through our floor to ceiling windows over our current home in North London. On one window there are post it notes providing our agile developers with a physical reminder of the challenges we are taking on.

One third of the office is dedicated to meeting business owners and warehouse operators to discuss how we can help them and demonstrate our system face to face.

We believe that warehouse management systems shouldn’t be blindingly complicated and surrounded by acronyms. We offer unlimited holidays, FWH and use the latest and greatest technologies.

Making up puns including the word ‘Vox’ is a popular past time.

The vision

The mission of Peoplevox is to provide companies with a warehouse management system that they can deploy quickly, use easily and generate rich reports from.

The founder


Jonathan Bellwood founded Peoplevox in August 2008 after an 8 year stint at Symbol Technologies, now Motorola Solutions.

Racking up more than a million air miles, providing the barcode scanners and mobile computers for warehouse and logistic projects in 54 countries with the world’s biggest companies.

The only constant with any project involving software seemed to be countless days of consultancy and bespoke software development.

In August 2008 he decided that he’d seen enough and set Peoplevox on course for our vision.

Jonathan Bellwood founder of Peoplevox