This is our story and the people that got us here

It all started in

2009 when Jonathan Bellwood realised his frustrations with bad warehouse management systems were shared by many business owners, warehouse managers and technical teams in businesses of all sizes.

His experiences working with traditional on-premise warehouse management systems in over 1,000 installations across Europe, Middle-East and Africa gave him the insight he needed to be comfortable with coming at the challenge with a new approach.

And so, from his front bedroom which would become his son's room he founded Peoplevox.

Leaving e-commerce better than we found it...

2010 was the year that our first five e-commerce clients joined our platform. Walking into Country Attire's warehouse in a converted mill, Jonathan saw millions of pounds worth of products stored in every available space.

On the steps between the offices and the warehouse, the Warehouse Manager had 2,000 sales orders printed and all neatly stacked ready to be picked.

That was the last December that involved paper, stress and upset customers for Country Attire.

The progress we helped them make in just a few months, the impact we had on their business gave our team the energy and conviction to go deeper into the world of e-commerce and take our expertise to help companies of all sizes in over 19 countries.

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