Asset management software – keeping track of your valuables

PeopleVox asset management software is a proven web-based solution that enables organisations to keep track of valuable assets using a simple barcode or RFID (radio frequency identification) system.

Each asset has a barcode label or RFID tag attached. Handheld readers are then used to log movement or schedule maintenance or other activity associated with each asset.

From office furniture, to technology or even fine art, our asset management software enables you to build up an accurate real-time picture of usage, distribution, maintenance and cost of ownership. In addition to this, it covers document management for archive centres to control what files sit in which boxes and where these boxes are.

A web-based system, PeopleVox asset management software is easy to implement. We can provide a complete solution, including the creation of an appropriate barcode system or RFID system, and all of the hardware you may need, including barcode scanners, barcode printers, RFID readers and RFID tags.

What are the typical applications for PeopleVox asset management software?

    • Many large organisations are using barcode labelling or RFID tags on office furniture, printers and computers, which enables our asset management software to keep track of changing locations, and monitor longevity.
    • Our asset management software is used by institutions like universities and hospitals to log out special equipment loans, providing invaluable data about usage and establishing responsibility for care at any point in time.
    • Server maintenance intervals can be flagged by our software; RFID tags attached to each server ensure that the correct one is quickly identified and taken away for servicing.
    • Using RFID tags on the back of items in a corporate art collection is enabling one of our clients, Christie’s to keep track of valuable pieces globally.
    • Historic data can be used to identify value for money on various assets, from sports equipment in gyms to laptops assigned to mobile workforces.

PeopleVox asset management software can be deployed on a pay-monthly software rental model, and can be quickly implemented remotely, anywhere in the world.

To find out how our asset management software could help your organisation to control, understand and benefit from more efficient asset allocation, email our team, or call us on: +44 (0) 844 800 6569.