Barcode scanners

We stock a variety of different Bar code scanners:

  • USB barcode scanners
  • Wireless barcode scanners
  • Symbol barcode scanners

Barcode scanners

Using a bar code scanner, you can quickly scan barcodes. These can be the retail type of barcodes, called EAN-13 because they have 13 digits, up to larger capacity barcodes like the 2D, two dimensional, ones.

The top selling cheap bar code scanner kits are the Motorola LS1203 (£75) and LS2208 (£88). LS stands for laser scanner. These are the most widely deployed quality simple bar code scanner for under £100, from the company that invented the bar code scanner.

For a more rugged bar code scanner, used in manufacturing and warehouses, the LS3408 (£240) is rugged and scans exceptionally well, even on partially damaged barcodes.

The final option of a bar code scanner is wireless or cordless. The high-end LS3578 (£296) will go up to 100 metres from the base station and you can use 3 barcode scanners with 1 base station.

All items are held in stock and can be delivered in 24 hours.

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