Barcode label software allows you to create labels that contain the information you need to capture automatically with a barcode scan. The information you need will vary depending on your business.


PeopleVox is a GS1 approved barcode supplier; this means you can be sure that we will follow global barcode standards. It enables you to generate a simple barcode containing just your retail product barcode (EAN 13) or a more advanced one containing all of your lot numbers, pallet identification numbers, serial numbers and dates.


If your client asks for certain labels to be applied like SSCC, our barcode label software can do this for you.


What can you expect from PeopleVox barcode label software?

  • Our experienced team will look at the needs of your business and encode our barcode label software to contain all of the relevant information you or your customers need.
  • We can work off existing categorisations or create a barcode system that captures all of your product lines and every location within your stores or warehousing.
  • Our software will display simple intuitive screens to print barcodes with the correct information.
  • Our software includes ‘cloud printing’ capability as part of our warehouse management software, saving licence fees and enabling barcode readers to print at the nearest printer without the need for clumsy printer drivers or other software installation.
  • Our barcode label software integrates with third party software such as an existing warehouse management system, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or Microsoft Access database, helping to automatically generate the label without having to enter the data manually.
  • We can also provide all of your warehouse hardware requirements like barcode scanners, barcode printers, ribbons and labels.

PeopleVox barcode label software is deployed across the world, helping major manufacturers, distributors and online retailers to improve their logistics and stock control. To find out how our system could help your business, email our team, or call us to talk through the options:+44 (0) 844 800 6569.