Hitting your peak with a Warehouse Management System

Most retailers are familiar with peak periods of business. It’s the times of year when more hiring happens to ensure customers get their packages on time, and those periods that stretch your processes and systems as far as they can go.

During these peak periods comes opportunity. Opportunity to acquire new customers, keep existing customers loyal and, overall, the chance to make big waves for your business.

Then there are the more unpredictable periods of peak for your business. The first sign of snowfall, the first gardening weekend in spring or the first really hot summer’s day. Then you have chance occurrences that appear right out of the blue, such as an unexpected celebrity endorsement on Instagram or a glowing review of one of your products in the mainstream press.

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All hands on deck

Most e-commerce companies will bring in extra staff to cope during these busy periods. This obviously increases financial cost due to employing them, and the overtime that may be required throughout your business.

This extends beyond the warehouse operatives that you employ, as these periods are very much an all hands on deck situation. This means that your management and back office staff are also tied up throughout this peak.

Be wary of slip ups

When all these elements are stretched it can see some e-commerce websites slip up. It’s not unusual to see deliveries going out late during these periods, or even worse selling stock that you don’t even have.

This leads to a poor customer experience and, as they are such time sensitive periods, you will create a bad customer experience.  Even worse you could be blamed for ruining someone’s Christmas!

Introduce WMS to your supply chain

You may have noticed when looking back through your last few years where exactly your peak periods tend to be. With a WMS during these times you may have saved yourself in costs and general workplace stress.

Real time visibility into your supply chain is needed for success during peak season. With a WMS, companies are able to better meet the evolving demands of the consumer and increase productivity on the floor. 

You’ll know exactly what stock you have and where it is, allowing you to have the speed and scalability you need at these important times.

WMS allows you to create dynamic picking routes that improve picker efficiency. Through easy access to data you are able to make informed decisions across the supply chain.

By implementing a WMS you can quickly train your seasonal staff and ensure that picking and order accuracy rates remain high. Ultimately, WMS will allow you to become more competitive through real-time data transfer across your supply chain.

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