A free app for all your goods in needs

The warehouse distribution process controls inventory as it comes in and out of the warehouse. Many companies fail because they are so focused on matching consumer demand and getting products shipped on time that they fail to correctly manage the process to accept goods into the warehouse.

Here are some tips for receiving goods:

1)      Maximise your space

As the first step of the warehouse process, receiving should be treated with the importance it deserves. Warehouse staff should have the space and resources they need to work so that the likelihood of errors is reduced. Having ample receiving space that allows staff to sort received items and prepare them for storage is vital.

2)      Regular updates

Data collection during the goods in process can prevent problems down the line. In the not too distant past, companies relied on pen and paper to do this which could take days to be delivered through the business, and was very laborious for all involved. With the right technology in place you can have this data sent to your back office as soon as it’s sorted on the warehouse floor.

3)      Vendor tracking

When goods come in, it’s important to be able to track each shipment. By implementing a consistent technology driven process you will be able to track each shipment as it comes in, and feedback that data to your back office.

Our free goods in apps

We understand how difficult the goods in process can be, so we have created two apps that you can use for your entire goods in process. They are free, easy to use and can be downloaded straight away.

What do they do?

Goods Receipt Notes

This app provides a quick and easy way to capture or generate a unique Goods receipt note number, to capture the purchase order for the goods, the carrier, and the number of containers received. Use the camera to take pictures of the delivery note and the state of the goods to store with the goods receipt note. Click here for more information.

The Goods In Scanner

This app provides a quick and easy way to capture the receipt of goods by item with purchase order numbers so a buyer can reconcile the items received against an order. Use the camera to scan item barcodes, and take pictures of the Supplier delivery note and the state of damaged items to share with and send to the buyer. Click here for more information.

How do I get them?

Both apps are now available in beta mode on Google Play. Click here for the ‘Goods Receipt Notes’ or here for the ‘Good In Scanner’