3 dilemmas facing your customers and how to fix them

In the highly competitive world of eCommerce, it can be infuriating to to see your clicks not converting to sales. Well infuriate no longer. Stop gesticulating and relax. Here are the top 3 dilemmas facing your customers and the top ways you can help them out.


1. “They have what I want but I don’t trust I’ll receive it on time”


Be transparent. Instead of using buzz words or offering a refund for late delivery, explain to me why you guarantee I will receive my velcro leggings on time. Show me the delivery process my vegan cheese will go through from leaving your warehouse to arriving at my door. How will you choose the carrier?  If I can see there is a logical process, there should not be a lack of trust.

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2. “They have what I want but I don’t trust I’ll receive what I ordered”

Trust Pilot.png

Let the customer feel involved in the picking process. Many businesses send out automated emails when an order has been received and despatched. But you can go further and you should! If I choose to, tell me when my order is being picked, who it is being picked by, how does it get picked, when is it packaged. Tell me this information is available so that when I order, I know exactly what to expect. I can then sleep easy knowing my 1D Rubik’s cube is on it’s way.

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3. “They have what I want but I’ve never heard of the company.  I’ll buy it from elsewhere”


This must be the most frustrating scenario for business owners. The customer has scoured the web, found your website, read about the item but bought it from somewhere else. To stop this, let people see the story of you and the story of your product.

gun dog supply.gif

What was your motivation? How has the company changed since start up? Chances are you have a lot in common with your customers so let them see that. You don’t have to make people know who you are before they visit your website, you just need to make sure they know who you are whilst they’re there.  

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