5 ways to improve your eCommerce social game

Overselling eliminated? Check!

100% order accuracy achieved? Check!

Full visibility on warehouse stock? Check!

You’ve got your warehouse in shape with dedicated eCommerce warehouse management software. You’ve got the means to create a loyal customer base. Now it might be time to turn your nose to social media.

The best eCommerce brands in the world are masters at social media. They know how to engage with their customers and gain fanatical followers. Green with envy? Thankfully, Inside Social know a thing or two about social media. They’ve put together a handy slide deck on how to sell on social like the best eCommerce brands in the world:

How to Sell on Social like the Best eCommerce Brands in the World


Inside Social

Here are the takeaways from Inside Social:

1. Think product not brand.

A cleverly written post on a product can encourage click throughs without coming across as spam.

Need inspiration? Check out what Hobbs are up to on their social feeds. 

2. Go visual

Why should you put in the extra effort to accompany your post with a picture? Apart from physically taking up more space on your followers news feed, a well chosen image is far more eye-catching then any number of WORDS IN CAPS or number of exclamation marks could be!!!!!!!

Need inspiration? Check out how

Hunter Boots

are using images on Facebook and Twitter. 

3. Let your followers help you by leveraging user-generated content

What people say about you holds much more weight than what you say about yourself. If your followers are raving about you on social media, find the brightest light you can to shine on it.

Need inspiration? Check out

Hotter Shoes

Twitter feed, they make a great point of continuing a conversation when their products get a mention.

4. Short and snappy

Although a lot of time is spent on social media, the time spent looking at individual posts is very small. Aim to write posts which engage within a limited attention span. Don’t waste words with waffle - aim for less than 100 characters.

Need inspiration?

Joy The Store

 have figured out how to make best use of Twitter’s limited character space whilst still posting a variety of content.

5. Use links to provide customer service solutions

 A typical exchange might go like this:

“I want to buy your navy style tailored jeans but you don’t have any extra longs!”

“Not to worry, check out these very similar jeans in our extra long collection”

“Gee whiz Batman, that is awesome, thank you kind sir”

gee whiz batman
gee whiz batman

Your followers will appreciate the extra mile you have gone to to find the relevant information for them. It also provides another chance for that valuable product promotion.

Need inspiration? Lush provides prompt customer support via their Twitter feed.

For more tips on using social media for your eCommerce, you can check out The Inside Social blog.