8 tips to make your eCommerce warehouse work

With so much competition, succeeding in eCommerce has its challenges. Fortunately, we have a couple of tips up our metaphorical sleeves to help you get ahead within the warehouse.

1. Put things in gaps

Your operators are sometimes going to put items back wherever there is space and, while this isn't ideal, it's not worth the hassle to stop them doing this. With a warehouse management system (WMS), the location of every item is tracked so this should not be an issue.

2. Single-item orders

Get good at these because in eCommerce up to 80% of your orders could be for single items. The right WMS should be able to optimise your picking routes so that operators can pick multiple single-item orders at a time.

3. We all love Amazon...

...but should you favour those orders over your own website's orders? Well, if you want better margins the favour your own, particularly if you have the logistics to manage them. However, be wary that customers using Amazon or a similar marketplace are much more likely to leave damning reviews so they shouldn't be neglected.

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4. Unique buying experience

The amount of data you can capture about your customers is immense, and this should be used to provide a unique experience for them. Has Sarah just bought a beach bag? How about adding a coupon into her package for 20% off summer dresses of swimwear?

5. Communication

Every step of the way, stay in touch with your customers. Has their order been received in the warehouse? Send an email. Has their item just been picked? Send an email. Never let your customers feel like they're in a black hole, not knowing where their order is or when it'll be delivered.

6. Buying

Do it properly. Don't just look at what has sold well because there are so many more factors to consider. Take a look at our post about how eCommerce companies should be buying inventory and that should teach you a few things.

7. Trust

If you look on Trustpilot or Feefo you will likely see that logistics is the main cause for negative reviews. Getting your logistics in good order will help to build the kind of trust that has customers coming back again and again.

8. All eCommerce companies have a cut-off time

The aim is to make that cut-off time as late as possible to provide the best service for your customers. Working out how to achieve dynamic cut-off times by using all that data you have will ultimately be what sets on eCommerce business apart from the others.

Got any tips of your own that you've picked up along the way? Share them in the comments section below.

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Author: Jess Lawrence