Android inventory software for warehouse management

Android inventory software in the warehouse interests us...web-based inventory software for warehouse management is what we do!

iPhone warehouse management available now

If you own your ecommerce company, then you are likely to be looking to keep track of all that money you have tied up in stock. Using inventory software enables you to know exactly what stock is where. With a low cost Android device and low monthly software rental, suddenly you can play against the big guys, just like you do with a snazzy web site.

Earlier this year I wrote about iPhone inventory management. Business owners are driving interest in using Apple devices but we thought that an iPhone was not the most suitable for using in the warehouse. This is why:

1. Too desirable, so would be stolen

2. Barcode scanner does not scan fast enough

3. Battery life too short

4. Inventory software has to be distributed through app centre and pay money to Apple

5. Not tough enough so breaks when dropped

Conclusion: We need a device that is rugged, low cost, and relatively undesirable, on a semi open software platform that lasts an 8-10 hour shift or has a battery you can swap out.

Android inventory software is simple and cost effective to control picking and packing operations
Android inventory software is simple and cost effective to control picking and packing operations

Motorola are the leading manufacturer of warehouse management devices so we are looking to them to step up. They split into two companies, Motorola Mobility (Mobile phones) and Motorola Solutions (Enterprise mobility devices).

Earlier this year Motorola Solutions released the Motorola ES400Enterprise Digital Assistant’ AKA entry-level mobile computer and demand has been high. Close to our dream inventory software device but no dedicated, speedy barcode scanner and NOT LOW COST ENOUGH!

Then...Google buys Motorola for $12.5 billion (the mobile phone bit that is).

We are hoping that Motorola Solutions will be planning to tie up with Motorola Mobility and Google to make the switch to Android. Removing the Windows operating system will bring down the cost of producing warehouse management devices and boost their sales.

So Motorola Solutions, it is time to follow your mobile phone making brother over to the Android alliance because if you do not we will have to make a move.

Most likely this will involve taking the myriad of Google Android devices that we currently have to choose from and using barcode scanner attachments and rugged cases to plug the gap...Android inventory software for warehouse management is coming whether the devices are ready or not.

Author: Oliver Rhodes