Best inventory management software when searching Google

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(, October 15, 2010

I started by typing 'inventory management software' into I need to know which is the best inventory management software for my business?
Best inventory management software

The first ten search results:

Result #1: waspbarcode

Wasp barcode has the look and feel of a market leader.

I do not particularly enjoy the yellow branding but it is memorable and does stand out...kind of like EasyJet.

This is the only website in the top 10 that packages inventory management software together with handheld mobile computers and a barcode label printer to provide the ‘complete’ inventory management system. Perfect for the 1st time user to understand and get started after they buy inventory software from the web.

Result #2:  inflowinventory

Clear branding that has a calming feel, it is obvious that great length has been taken to give the site this look and feel.

It is easy to find the demo video but frustrating as it does not show the software in action in any detail – I want to see the product I am shopping for if I am going to buy inventory software from the web. Features section is easy to understand, the language used is not techie. Good news is you can download a trial version. With 60,000 downloads, this already seems like it is better runner for the best inventory management software, if you are happy with an off the shelf solution that sits on you computer as a standalone system.

Result #3:  yesinventory

Website feels a bit out of date and the product boxes make the software feel cheap and basic.

There is little content past the home page which carries large blocks of text that I find difficult to read.

On further inspection there are no contact details it does not appear to be available to buy - the company does not appear to be trading. A wasted space on page 1 of google for this key search term.

Result #4:  inventorysoft

The headline on this site is ‘easy your inventory software’. This turned me off immediately as it suggests that time has not been taken. Consistent spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on the website make me think that this will carry over to the software. Not a contender for the best inventory management software at first glance.

The software seems to fulfil the needs of some small businesses. The old windows forms look outdated. Realistically, you are highly unlikely to buy this inventory software from the web as you do not trust what you see.

Result #5:  trakersystems

This is the first company that describes itself as a software development company.

The Client list is fairly long and it is the first site to be forthcoming with Client logos as references. Always reassuring. Also good to know that you can have some customisation done if needed.

The product screenshots can not be viewed up-close without saving them locally. Some of the images that I can see show old-fashioned grey forms whereas some which show web-based software look more modern and are easier on the eye.

I found the support page concerning – it contained the least information of all of the sites and focused on what it costs. This is critical software in many cases that when all goes wrong, you have to have a human to speak to who knows what they are talking about to fix your issue, especially if you need to ship products to make money like many web shops.

Result #6:  peoplevox

This is our site, so we will not comment on it...!

Result #7:  nchsoftware

There is a lot of text on the homepage but the software ‘Inventoria’ is visible in a box with options to buy it straight away – good direct option to buy inventory software from the Web even though I have only just landed on the page.

The features list is exactly that, there is no explanation of what each means or what the software looks like.

Result #8:  netsuite

I am aware of what NetSuite is due to evaluating it for our own company use. NetSuite is Oracle’s (more Larry Ellison's in fact) multi-million pound investment in a web-based enterprise business platform.  The product is in a different league to the other results in terms of what it costs and the functionality it delivers in other modules of the total suite.

The product benefits and features are laid out clearly. A demo and free trial is available one click away although the trial requires that a form is filled in and a NetSuite representative calls you to set it up. We have done this and it was quite effective. A definite contender for best inventory management software with a good enterprise level product for larger organisations.

Result #9:  realassetmgt

It is immediately clear that this company provides fixed asset management solutions as opposed to inventory solutions.

The site is plain and un-inspiring. The positive is that it is clear what they are offering.

Result #10: myinventorymanagementsoftware

This website represents one of the issues that exists with Google.  It has been set up to be search engine optimised and carries advertisements. The content is nonsensical and makes it a pain to find companies that really have a solution to my requirement.

In summary, there are options for a simple packaged solution from Wasp where you must load the software licences onto the computer. Then there is inflow with a similar model. The 2 areas lacking are web based software for a reasonable price (say £50 per user per month) which is the best inventory management software setup for many companies and not the whole netsuite. Secondly the bridge between these Web based systems and ones that you need to scale up and have some customisation and integration, but do not want to pay 1,000s of £/$/€.