Brightpearl warehouse management system plugin

A cool headquarters resembling Silicon Valley dot coms, I was at Brightpearl this week to finalise off an exciting new development collaboration. Simple, if you have a warehouse or stores with inventory in and are using Brightpearl, we have been working on integrating our warehouse management software into their business system for stock control. So how would a company using Brightpearl as their core business system to run their business benefit from this warehouse software?

The greatest benefit stated by users is the electronic order picking. This eliminates paper pick lists, speeds up pick rate and prevents mis-picks. Result: happy customer who receives items they actually ordered and reduced returns.

Many will use the stocktake software module, typically reducing the paper pick process by up to 70%. The reconciliation of variance reports becomes a thing of the past. The constipated elephant stocktake event becomes a continuous process. Brightpearl is then updated with accurate stock figures as fast as you blink.

To have totally accurate stock figures, the Peoplevox warehouse management software will register items as they arrive in as new deliveries, plus scan items as they leave the building. These combined will push the 100% accurate inventory figures for each product to Brightpearl.

The benefits go on.

Interested in this fully integrated inventory control software with Brightpearl to get your warehouse running like the big boys, but without the high price tag? Call us on +44 (0) 844 800 6569 to learn more.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood