ChannelAdvisor's E-Commerce Leader's Enterprise Clinic

I had the pleasure of attending an event on cross-border trade on Wednesday this week, courtesy of eBay and ChannelAdvisor.

Matthew Tobiss is Director of Merchant Development at eBay and he provided an insight into how eBay is partnering with retailers to take international markets. This was paired with Jordan Weinstein, Global Director of Strategic Partnership talking to retailers about how to achieve success of marketplaces. Here are seven key points that I noted down during the presentations:

1. 70% of items sold on eBay are new, 72% at a fixed price

eBay's reputation as a knock-off or outlet marketplace has changed. 

2. eBay's strength is mobile with $20 billion in mobile sales over last 12 months

Over 52% of their online sales are touched by mobile at some point. From my perspective, eBay's mobile app provides me with the access to products I need when I'm on the move. Searching and loading mobile sites can be inconvenient when you are genuinely trying to shop, rather than just going online to buy.

3. eBay launch Superdry into Russia

Superdry have an established UK eBay store, courtesy to an interesting acquisition (Click here to read the story).

Matthew was fresh back from Moscow where they jointly hosted a fashion show to launch Superdry's new Russian language eBay store. 

eBay provides a relatively low-risk, low investment route into international markets for retailers.

4. Taking an agile approach to eCommerce

Jordan Weinstein, ChannelAdvisor presented a staged approach to international expansion.

By identifying the stages involved in agile eCommerce strategies, Jordan has been able to identify the challenges specific to each one.

For example, a passive approach involves:

> Listing products on core marketplaces only

> Focus on your top selling skus

> shipping from your home distribution centre

> low volume but low investment

And presents the following challenges:

> Shipping

> Returns

> Customer service

> Tax, legal, accounting

5. Use free tools to evaluate new markets

Amazon's best seller list:

Google trends:

Googles global market finder:

6. How people shop has changed

I personally find myself showrooming less and I have an increased willingness to search online and across media is increasing versus resorting to going into store.

Matthew also shared this case study from New York, which highlights how eBay's investments within retail are starting to come together.

 7. Seventy-five percent of online shoppers believe you should share tracking information

If you aren't sending tracking information from your carrier back to your webstore or marketplace software, this statistic should provide food for thought.

Getting your carriers integrated can be relatively straight forward be it through writing your own integration into your warehouse software or utilising one of the carrier integration platforms available.

About ChannelAdvisor:

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Author: Oliver Rhodes, Sales at Peoplevox.