Christie’s implement stock control system

Christie's Fine Art Storage Services upgrades its warehouse operations with Peoplevox

Aim of project

Deploy data capture solution using handheld mobile computers to enable accurate stock control in Christie's fine art storage facilities.


Having evaluated the most suitable handheld devices through a short test period, Christie's decided upon the Motorola MC3000 devices due to their suitable form factor, weight, operating system functionality and the fact that it is a proven widely deployed product. This enabled seamless connectivity to their existing Cisco wireless network.

To enhance the functionality of the data capture application provided through their warehouse management system, Peoplevox also provided Christie's with an automated File Copy program residing on the Motorola MC3000 devices. This enabled Christie's to execute in the background at a configurable time, copying configurable named files from the MC3000 to a configurable WAN network folder.

About Christie's Fine Art Storage Services

Christie's Fine Art Storage Services (CFASS) is the world's leading provider of customised storage solutions for fine art, antiques and collectibles. As an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Christie's Group, they provide services to a diverse group of collectors, galleries, museums and auction house clients around the world.