eCommerce tip: Measure customer lifetime value, not first time

If you've been around for any number of years in eCommerce, you already know that driving your sales through your own website and attaining repeat business is the key to long-term profitability. 

I think at this time of year it pays to remember that even one bad experience, for the wrong person could be significantly more costly than their refunded transaction.

I've been watching RJ Metrics develop over the last 6 month's and even if their product isn't right for your business they are producing some resources for eCommerce owners looking to set their sites on the 'Delivering Happiness' model for success online.

RJ Metrics:

RJ Metrics provide an advanced analytics platform that plugs right into Magento, SQL server and other databases to give eCommerce business owners the marketing and management reporting they need.

Author: By Oliver Rhodes