Peoplevox Entrepreneur Scholarship 2011 awarded

It has been another year of tough competition among MBA students at Henley Management College (now merged with Reading University) fighting to take the Peoplevox Entrepreneur Scholarship, with the prize of £1,000.

As a former graduate of Reading University, studying business and French, plus the part time lecturing now, I have a soft spot for the place. The former head of the business school has moved to an international role, being replaced by a talented new leader in Dr James Walker. It was 2 weeks ago that the final 'interviews' occured with the shortlist of 4 individuals, where I joined a panel including James.

Every year when we award the Peoplevox Entrepreneur Scholarship to one individual who is doing the Henley Management College MBA course, we look for somebody that has entrepreneurial talent mixed with an appetite to be educated. Christian Burmeister was chosen this year as he had run a small business of his own back home in Germany, exuded energy during our discussion with a clear ability to execute with diligence. His academic achievements were impressive, thanks to his combination of natural talent and good old hard work.

As a fast growing technology company expanding internationally in 2011, we constantly require the next generation of leaders and people who understand their generation of technology. In fact we would love to offer more entrepreneur scholarships as well as technical innovation awards to other universities, and are on the hunt to find these opportunities. Christian will be working on some exciting projects with the PeopleVox team to combine with his MBA training and potentially join us at a later stage to support our international growth.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood