How does your fashion & apparel fulfilment measure up?

One of the biggest challenges that I find e-commerce companies have with their fulfilment is that they find it hard to know how well they're really doing. 

Many fashion e-commerce business owners and operations directors are dealing with fashion fulfilment challenges for the first time. We all know how Amazon operates behind the scenes, but what about companies who are similar to you like Grana, Gymshark and Miss Pap?

Even those of you who are experienced in fashion and e-commerce logistics will have been on a steep learning curve with the emergence of e-commerce fashion fulfilment best practices in the past few years.

The rules are still being written and it's an exciting time to be in the back-end of a high-growth fashion e-commerce businesses.

Part of the e-commerce fulfilment strategy review process that we take fashion e-commerce companies through involves a detailed warehouse assessment from which we build out an improvement plan.

The plan will usually contain technology-related improvements as well as some independent best practice ideas and process iterations that can be implemented immediately.

To share the breadth of what we help companies with and to get you thinking about your fulfilment strategy I've put together a Fashion & Apparel E-Commerce Fulfilment Scorecard.

The aim of this is to give you an opportunity to share your existing strategy with us and expose you to the topics that make up a great one.

Using the information that we collate from your company and others in your industry, we'll be able to share how you're doing versus your peers and benchmark your performance as we gather more data.