Bye bye expiry on pie

We've all seen items on the clearance shelf in the supermarket. They are expiring that day. The retailer wants rid of them at any price. If not, they will only be binned.

DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has said the 'sell by' and 'display until' markings on items will be phased out. It is estimated that £12bn will be saved by not throwing away safe to eat food. It has not said whether this is annually or over a longer period.

For those retailers who up to now have had food inventory software to manage this issue, their life will get even easier as they will simply have less products to manage via their traceability software and less fines for having out of date products on their shelves. They will also mark down less items which should help them maintain their standard pricing for longer plus free up their staff to doing more useful tasks.

In fact, we can only see benefit in this change in legislation and as a consumer I am still going to rely on smelling it first rather than obsessing about any dates printed on the packaging.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood