Fulfilment Report Winner Announced!

Peoplevox is delighted to announce that Ben Ward, Commercial Director of Mothercare Ireland is the winner of our iPad prize draw. Ben was one of the many respondents taking part in our industry survey as part of the newly released “The 2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report”.

 Established in 1992, Mothercare Ireland was the first international Franchise Partner of the well-known Mothercare brand. As a thriving multi-channel retailer with 15 stores across Ireland, Ben had this to say on reading the E-Commerce Report findings:
“This is a wide ranging initiative from which e-commerce retailers of all shapes and sizes can learn. In our increasingly pressurised and competitive world of online shopping, it not only offers businesses valuable insights into potential problem areas, but also food for thought on how best to go about making future improvements to essential warehouse and fulfilment processes.”
Commenting on the role of e-commerce fulfilment technology, and WMS software in particular, Ben added: “Unless you are only doing a few hundred orders a week, using paper and pen in the warehouse just won’t cut it when it comes to scaling your business profitably and shipping on time with total accuracy. Although difficult integrations of different e-commerce sales and fulfilment platforms can be a bugbear for many retailers, those days are now over thanks to the latest generation of easy to deploy and use software available.”

To find out more and gain practical insight into how your e-commerce business can prepare for the challenges of the future, download The 2017 Ecommerce Fulfilment Report. This is now available FREE.