How your warehouse can increase website conversion

How to increase website conversion
How to increase website conversion

For most companies, especially start-ups, all sales are good sales. Regardless of whether customers convert through the main website or on one of several marketplaces, as long as they are buying your product then your business model is working. However, to really succeed in such a competitive realm as eCommerce, increasing conversion on your own website has to become a priority.

Why do customers shop on marketplaces?

There are a number of dilemmas facing your customers when they make an order but the short answer is trust. Customers make sales on Amazon because they can trust the logistics. They know that if they place an order by 6pm they can get it delivered the very next day. Learning how to fulfil orders like Amazon is the first step towards increasing conversion on your own website.

How to improve order fulfilment

There’s little use in trying to encourage order conversion on your website unless you have the logistical efficiency to deliver. It all comes down to warehouse processes. To improve order fulfilment you will need efficient picking methods and optimised packing. In eCommerce, the majority of orders are single items which should be picked in a different way to multi-item orders. Understanding the best way to send pickers out for single-item orders will vastly improve efficiency. Likewise, knowing how to order your packers is equally important.

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Having a good warehouse management system will streamline all of your back-end processes, making order fulfilment a lot easier.

How to increase website order conversion

Checkout video
Checkout video

Checkout video

If you’ve got your behind-the-scenes processes running efficiently, why not tell your customers about it? At the checkout, try adding a short video about what happens after the customer clicks ‘buy’. Take them through the warehouse processes, show them why you achieve 100% order accuracy. Seeing is believing and if customers can see that your logistics are not prone to human error due to automation they are more likely to convert.

Package inserts

As we said before, all sales are good sales so have your packers include an insert for all orders from a marketplace thanking them for their custom. With the insert, why not include a discount code offering money off if they order again directly from your website? In order to start building trust, you’ll need the customer footfall and offering incentives is a great way to attract orders. Every order placed is an opportunity to prove that you logistics is as good as Amazon so don’t waste the opportunity.


Word-of-mouth is the best and cheapest form of marketing for any eCommerce company. You can tell the whole world how great your order fulfilment is but a customer’s opinion will always carry much more weight. Signing up to sites like TrustPilot is a major gamble, so we’d recommend not even considering it until you’re sure your warehouse management is golden. That said, if you’re confident you can walk the walk, TrustPilot can do wonders for increasing website order conversion. One of our clients, Surfdome, has an impressive 9.6 rating on TrustPilot and they enjoy impressive sales all year round.

Surfdome TrustPilot
Surfdome TrustPilot

Naturally, the first step towards attracting customers from marketplaces is having a website that looks good and is easy to use. Read here for 7 eCommerce flaws driving your customers away.

Key takeaways

>> Get your warehouse processes in order

>> Show customers how good your logistics are

>> Offer incentives to encourage website conversion

Author: Jess Lawrence