iPhone Stock Control Good But About To Get Better

So we have to wait until November according to the leak. So not that long really, albeit a little overdue. The end result for us, as we are soon to release our iPhone version of our stock control software, could include:

  • Bigger screen spanning the whole width of the screen - perfect for fitting more information on the screen for the warehouse user when scanning items and doing order picking.
  • Faster processor - every little helps when you are in a live environment where the data sits on a server somewhere else or all on your iPhone. For example, I scan the barcode of the item using the camera of the iPhone and request the stock level - a typical action in stocktake software applications. To show that stock figure on the screen, it will need to go and get that data from somewhere. The faster it does that, the quicker the warehouse operator can get on with their job.
  • 4G connection - this is the next version of 3G which the iPhone currently has - useful for speed if your data is stored remotely in a data centre and you need to access it or you need to send data over the mobile phone network. Speed is good here as we will be implementing more stock control software systems on the iPhone without a wireless connection to a local hub in your office. Another benefit is that users will be able to get up and running easily as we can control the devices and send the software over the mobile phone network. In the UK, we just need the network operators to invest and be ready with their 4G network to cope with these new devices.

Consumers will see this as an evolution. We see this movement to 4G as a revolution for how warehouse management software systems will be deployed and supported, moving from big hardware costs to small monthly fees for the whole package using the iPhone with the dedicated stock control application on. The future's bright.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood