Manufacturing industry surprise hike last month

Just when everybody thought manufacturing was dying or dead, November blows us all out of the water.

Low interest rates with increased foreign and even domestic demand has created the first increase in orders backlog in 5 months. The most solid sector being reported to be the industrial sector, with companies like Rolls Royce, Honda, Mini and Messier-Dowty all prime location.

The rising order books are accompanied with exports to countries such as China, Germany and the US. Great news for the UK as we are used to buying their goods.

Smaller fast growth online companies like premium country clothing specialist,, are shipping globally free of charge and seeing sales go through the roof, especially as Christmas approaches and people need their Barbour jacket in the snow.

Let's hope the currency remains competitive to help the continued growth abroad, combined with the domestic market remaining strong, supporting the UK recovery while the government get the axe out.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood