SaaS market size 2010 - as tasty as you thought?

Gartner recently released a survey stating that the SaaS market size (software as a service) in 2010 will be £5.88 billion globally for enterprise applications. SaaS means that the software is not owned by the customer, was set up by the supplier or suppliers and is managed and supported by the providers also.

This is a revenue figure and shows a 15.7% jump up from 2009.

2011 is a bumper year for SaaS market size with it growing 16.2% on this year.

Great news for providers who are helping drive the increase in SaaS market size, bit by bit stamping out the natural nervousness of enterprise application security, backup and redundancy. These clearly seem to have matured and less and less of an issue as time goes by.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood