Sage One online accounting software released

My father used to arrive home after work with his Accountancy Age newspaper, occasionally excited by the content within. I thought, how could this possibly be? 15 years on and I unashamedly had that feeling for the first time when I read about Sage One, the online accounting software, that Sage has just released. There I was thinking their innovation was dead. Wrong.

A large part of our clients we interact with each day are online retailers across the world. So what does this mean to them, is suitable, or are Sage a bit late to the party with Sage One?

Many online retailers used to use Sage and moved to Xero or Kashflow for example. The main reason was because they wanted a simple online accounting system. We are one of these companies ourselves. There are still thousands of Sage users, they mention 800,000 companies in just the UK, that will be prime suspects for Sage One, with 24/7 support and a familiar interface form the Sage engineers' brains. I would think your accountant will prefer Sage One to the other online accounting software, and being sage individuals, they will likely not be too tempted to move to web based accounting software as it can reduce their work dramatically. Do not be talked around, get online.

Migrating to Sage One from another Sage product or another online accounting system is relatively easy at the end of an accounting period. We see many online retailers simply entering their opening balances and then importing contacts, suppliers, products and pricing for example.

Integration often crops up as a concern with all these products. General rule of thumb now is that web based software like Sage One is much easier to integrate into as they use something called Web services. Basically, this is an easy method to send and receive data between software programs in a common language. So this is a question worth asking if you are putting any software system in these days, if you do not want it to be a lonely data silo.

Being a software company that deploys systems that are mission critical, it was reassuring to read that they had performed 6 months of testing, ironing out the bugs and getting real businesses to use it. Always a good idea.

I suggest you give Sage One a whirl - we certainly are going to! Will let you know how it goes.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood