Should eCommerce be bracing for 5G?

4G is still in it’s prime but the spark of hype for 5G is already igniting.

5G will bring with it the coming of the “internet of things”. Everyday objects will be connected with 5G to make our lives that extra bit easier. Always having dry cereal because you’ve run out of milk? Buy a 5G enabled fridge that will text you when you are running low. In a nutshell, 5G will produce a big step forward in enhanced connectivity. We’ve been having a think on how 5G and enhanced connectivity will impact eCommerce and your eCommerce warehouse management software.

1. Brace for accelerated mobile commerce

5G  means connectivity on the go. Restricted bandwidth will no longer prohibit consumers making spur of the moment purchases. Internet Retailer reported that currently, 16% of total web sales are done via a mobile or tablet.

By 2018 this is thought to rise to 27%. That is still a whole 2 years before 5G is planned for commercial launch so expect the glistening dawn of 5G to see mobile commerce skyrocket further. More impulse buys in what could be a time where same-day pick up services are a consumer expected norm will demand more picks per hour from warehouse operators. This can be achieved with a warehouse management software designed to combat the demands of eCommerce head on.

Such a software should improve picking efficiency and provide zero miss-picks. Customers will receive the same excellent service, quickly, correctly and engaged through their mobiles, on the train, waiting for the bus, where ever.

2. Software-as-a-Service

5G will bring you business continuity through the deployment of  software-as-a-service. If you are not convinced by the vast benefits of using software-as-a-service instead of installed applications, take a chance with this from IBM. In summary, the benefits of using software-as-a-service include speedy deployment, scalability and simple integrations. Benefiting from this without a WiFi connection is already possible with 4G - great news.  With 5G just around the 6 year corner, this is even better news. Yippee!

The full implications of what a world with 5G may have on eCommerce is yet to be known. Certainly for consumers, 5G will continue to eliminate barriers to eCommerce spending. But if people are able to shop all the time will this even out the peaks or perpetuate them by enabling panic buying? What we are sure about is this is another tick for the software-as-a-service supporters whose requirement for WiFi is alleviated by 4G and will be guaranteed by 5G.