SSCC labels on pallets – what are they?

Has your Customer asked you to add SSCC labels to the pallets you send to them - what are they and how do I fulfil this request?

Most inventory management systems have the capability to produce barcode labels. This includes multiple formats, one of which is SSCC labels. Below is a checklist of what is needed for you to say YES, when your customer asks if you can offer SSCC labels on your consignments.

What is SSCC?

SSCC stands for serial shipping container code. It has eighteen digits and is used to identify logistics units. It is encoded into a barcode, which is normally the GS1-128. It is commonly used in e-commerce transactions. You may hear the term ASN - advance ship notice - related to SSCC labels which is often given for the EDI - electronic data interchange transaction.

The four parts of SSCC labels are listed below:

1. Extension digit

2. GS1 company prefix

3. Serial reference

4. Check digit