Symbol barcode UK division of Motorola thrives in 2010

Being the market leader for barcode equipment in the UK and worldwide, the former Symbol barcode division is booming despite the gloomy economies around the world.

After having our regular meeting with the Symbol barcode division, now part of Motorola, last Friday, John Porter explained why they were having such a great year and that 2011 looks even better for the Symbol barcode division.

1. Their flagship products like the MC9090G mobile computer which has sold some 2 million units and the LS2208 Symbol barcode scanner, these are the standard across the vast majority of tier 1 retailers and logistics companies, including Marks & Spencer who have some 5,000 of these mobile computers. Many of the alternative mobile computers from other suppliers are celebrated when sales hit 100K units.

2. Being the largest in the market, they have heavily invested into new product development to continue their track record of firsts in innovation. New products released this year include the RFS4000 wireless switch; the baby sister of the best selling RFS6000, a best seller again for centrally managed wireless systems.

3. The final reason for success in barcode scanner and mobile computer sales is their investment into targeting new types of customers and going deeper into their core sectors of retail and supply chain. With specific partners to penetrate retail, others to grow Web sales and existing resellers going into tier 2 and 3 retailers. In the past, Motorola was seen as arrogant by these companies as they only focused on the big stuff. This has clearly changed and will become more prevalent next year as the Symbol barcode team combine more and more with the brand of Motorola to dig deep.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood