The top 4 benefits of using MetaPack and Peoplevox

MetaPack and Peoplevox are superbly complementary. We provide the warehouse management software, they provide the carrier software. Together we are a fulfilment machine making sure our Clients receive orders on time, first time, everytime.

Hear our Founder, Jonathan Bellwood, give the benefits using MetaPack and Peoplevox.

If you are more of a reader than a listener, here are the top 4 benefits of using MetaPack and Peoplevox warehouse management software together:

Benefit 1. Our off-the-shelf Peoplevox integration into MetaPack means within a day you can benefit from first class fulfilment

Benefit 2. You will receive the best option when choosing a carrier and service type. If you need to ship that huge 100 lb, fragile china teapot to Russia for next-day delivery, Peoplevox warehouse software combined with MetaPack can take the decisions off your mind

Benefit 3. At the packing bench, no time is wasted weighing parcels of multiple orders. Item weights and dimensions are automatically pulled from Peoplevox into MetaPack.

Benefit 4. Printing multiple documents to multiple printers can be done within Peoplevox. You can print an invoice to an A4 printer and your carrier label to a barcode printer without having to enter the MetaPack application.