3 Top Google Chrome Extensions

Google recently launched the web store for their Google Chrome browser. I have been using Google Chrome as my default browser for about 6 months now. If you haven’t used it or don’t use it you are probably thinking, “It is just a browser, aren’t they all the same?”

As you may or may not know, Google is on a mission to create a free operating system to rival Microsoft Windows. In the coming years, expect web devices to start removing the Microsoft layer and use the browser as the sole operating system.

These are my 3 top Google Chrome extensions:

1. Speed Dial - http://bit.ly/ggZuTC - help you browse faster

This top Google chrome extension does exactly what a speed dial does on your phone for you web pages. It is highly customisable and quick to set up.

I recommend Speed Dial to anyone who spends more than an hour a day browsing the internet – it will save you time (and looks great).

2. StayFocusd - http://bit.ly/f3Bxcs - will make you more productive

Many of us have websites that drain our time and aid in our procrastination. Stay Focused is the answer to this problem. StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time per day that you can spend browsing time-wasting websites.

It is extremely flexible and easy-to-use, I particularly recommend it to students!

3. WiseStamp - http://bit.ly/dGX6hi - will make your emails more memorable

This top Google chrome extension is designed to help Gmail and Google Apps email users to get professional looking HTML signatures on their emails.

It is easy to set up links to social media such as Twitter and Linkedin. I added the PeopleVox Twitter to mine - it shows the latest tweet at the bottom of the email.

Author: Oliver Rhodes