Understanding Cloud Computing

I recently attended a networking event run by a Government funded organisation, South East Innovation and Growth and wanted to share some thoughts with you from a cloud computing discussion.

The ‘Big Bang’ event was targeted at high growth companies and was designed to encourage networking between different organisations within the high-technology sector.

One of the afternoon discussions was on understanding cloud computing. 90% of people in the discussion were totally confused by what it is and I soon was not far behind despite the fact that I understand cloud computing as a concept and actually help with the delivery on web based applications.

It is not easy to understand exactly what technical companies are referring to with the myriad of terms that surround cloud computing.

If you want to get a better understanding of cloud computing or in fact any internet terminology I recommend Webopedia http://www.webopedia.com.

It is a website built to provide definitions and explanations for internet terminology. Best of all it is completely free to use.

You can read their explanation of cloud computing here:


Hope it helps you in understanding cloud computing better; it certainly did me.

Author: Oliver Rhodes