Web based antivirus safe & sound?

Google recently stated that web based applications give better protection against threats like viruses and spyware. This fact coupled with continued transition to the ‘cloud’ by both consumers and businesses has suggested an imminent decline for the antivirus and security industry for client applications and a growth in web based antivirus for on-demand applications.

However, a recent article in Business Week suggested that this isn’t actually the case. “The shift towards web-based applications will not spell the end for the antivirus industry as the total number of viruses continues to grow, with viruses to reach a new peak of 2 million by the end of 2010.” G Data Security Labs.
In a seemingly ironic twist for the antivirus and security industries software providers, their customers can also benefit from receiving their product as a web-based application.

Web based antivirus benefits

1. Web based antivirus applications are capable of scanning faster and provide more complete virus detection.

2. Web based antivirus applications give better protection because they are always scanning the users PC against the most up to date viruses.

3. Furthermore there is no need to constantly upgrade to ensure you are getting the latest versions. This is the end of inconvenient system restarts.

In summary, web based antivirus software is growing in parallel with the rise of the online on-demand applications, even though they are more secure than client based software which is stored on your computer.

Author: Oliver Rhodes