The Peoplevox reporting tool allows you a detailed, overarching view of your business in regard to its warehouse operations. Read on to see how our reporting tools can help you manage the day-to-day, as well as more bespoke reporting requirements.

Reports & configurable reports

We have created system reports for each stage of your operation, but how you use them is up to you...

You can see everything at a detail level, or choose exactly which columns you want displayed, totalled or counted, and then have the results sorted in a way that makes sense.

Filters let you include the rows you are interested in. You might want the report to show what happened in a specific time period, for example, or see details for a particular order or delivery.

Our configurable reports feature allows you to save these customised reports and share them with the appropriate people within your warehouse, so you can run them again and again whenever you need to.

And if you want to save the data to build up a history, or do further analysis on it you can always export it.

From the minute you start receiving goods into your warehouse, to the point it is shipped, Peoplevox reports and dashboards are available to help you control and track your operation and investigate customer service issues. 

Our system reporting suite includes reports to show you:

  • Goods-in details - see what has been received and when; see what was over-received
  • Purchase order fulfilment - see what you are waiting for; track supplier performance
  • What has been returned and why - see if there are any patterns, e.g. do some products or types of product get returned more frequently?
  • Item movement history - see how goods have moved around the warehouse
  • What needs replenishing - see where you have orders for more product than is currently in the pick face so you can move it from bulk in time for pickers to pick
  • Failed actions that need handling - see which item/locations need your attention
  • Inventory details and stock levels - see how much product is in the warehouse
  • Location details including empty locations report - see what stock you have in locations and where you have space
  • Pick details - see what has been picked, what is picked and not despatched
  • Sales order details - see and analyse all aspects of your sales orders including which orders are outstanding, and how many units and lines you have per order
  • Stock valuation - see the current value of your stock
  • Despatch summary - see what you despatched and when, and how this compares with requested delivery dates; See which countries you shipped to
  • User activity - see how your users are performing in areas such as picking and despatch

These are just some of our reports and some of their possible uses. If you'd like to learn more about what our reporting suite can do for you, our fulfilment consultants can offer you a no obligation demo.

Dashboards & configurable dashboards

Sometimes you don’t need a detailed report, you just need to see a few numbers; important numbers - such as how many orders you have in each status - and you need to see how those numbers change as the day wears on. System dashboards are perfect for this. 

Choose one of our system dashboards, or, create your own from one of your customised reports using configurable dashboards, and display your key information in bar charts, pie charts or even single number display format.

Export data

Perform specific data analysis by exporting data from any Peoplevox report and manipulating / analysing it in external tools of your choice. The report from which you take this data can contain raw data, or you can choose particular columns and apply grouping, counting, filters and sorting before you export it. Exporting report data is particularly useful if you need to build up a history, or need to compare reports from different time periods to look for trends.

You can also export the data displayed on a number of screens in the web app, such as the sales or despatch screen.