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Online Businesses Under Threat From Fake Magento Plugins

Sep 30, 2014

Earlier this month, PR Newswire published an article outlining the forensic investigation carried out by the independent and specialist information security business, Foregenix. It has been found that fake Magento plug-ins could allow unauthorised users to remotely “make system modifications to harvest payment card details and confidential information belonging to both customers and the compromised […]

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9 steps to perfect Magento stock control

Aug 29, 2014

eCommerce tip: Measure customer lifetime value, not first time

Dec 11, 2013

If you’ve been around for any number of years in eCommerce, you already know that driving your sales through your own website and attaining repeat business is the key to long-term profitability.    I think at this time of year it pays to remember that even one bad experience, for the wrong person could be […]

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eCommerce tips: Magento Live UK, review by Peoplevox

Oct 25, 2013

I was genuinely impressed with the quality of execution by the Magento Events Team and the quality of the conversation available amongst the attendees.  1. It provided genuine insights for developers   Active Magento developers are familiar with the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to the platform. They seemed interested in the details […]

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Brightpearl open day 2011 review by PeopleVox

Brightpearl open day 2011 review by PeopleVox

Aug 8, 2011

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to jump on the train West to sunny Bristol and spend a day with the people behind Brightpearl and some of their most valued Clients For those of you that don’t know, Brightpearl is web based business management software to handle CRM, Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, Stock/Inventory (not the barcoding […]

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WMS Integration Needed? Easy Peasy With Web Services.

Dec 30, 2010

How do they work? Traditional WMS integration for a client/server model rely on creating a graphical interface for the user. This means a custom interface has to be created for integration with a new application. Web services create a platform through which applications can talk to one another easily, without a custom interface, saving time […]

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“Will I lose my job?” Common inventory management system objections

Aug 18, 2010

Who should read this? People planning on implementing an inventory management software system and would like to overcome objections from future users. Here, I list the top 3 objections you could expect from users and how I have seen companies successfully overcome them. 1. Will I lose my job? I hear this when we are […]

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Access integration with WMS

Aug 5, 2010

  Common question – simple answer Many manufacturers we meet are using Sage for their core financial tasks such as invoicing and balance sheet statements. Combined with this they have another system to run their operational side of the business, which is based on a Microsoft Access database and they wish to integrate this with a […]

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Oracle WMS and PeopleVox help leading landing gear manufacturer

Nov 19, 2008

  Oracle WMS and PeopleVox improve warehousing management of leading aircraft landing gear manufacturer   Read full case study here on GS1 Web site In 2008, PeopleVox overcame the following issues for leading aircraft landing gear manufacturer, Messier-Dowty, combining it with Oracle WMS (warehouse management system): >> Intermittent data loss from handheld barcode data terminals >> Uncertainty […]

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