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For all the latest warehouse news covering topics from e-Commerce trends to the latest barcode technology. Peoplevox is a warehouse management system provider based in the UK.

Do I need multiple WMS databases for my multiple sites?

Posted on Aug 27, 2010 in SoftwareWarehouse management system

Can a single warehouse database software cover multiple sites and locations? Quick answer: Yes. Top 3 negatives that you may hear about a single warehouse database software for your warehouse management system All of these above aretrue to for old legacy systems where functionality has been bolted on. For systems that are written in recent [...]

“Will I lose my job?” Common inventory management system objections

Who should read this? People planning on implementing an inventory management software system and would like to overcome objections from future users. Here, I list the top 3 objections you could expect from users and how I have seen companies successfully overcome them. 1. Will I lose my job? I hear this when we are [...]

Top 4 reasons warehouse management system projects fail

Over the last 10 years, I have involved in about 1,000 projects with companies putting in a warehouse management system. Their main aim is to help them know exactly what products they have and where they are located. Other benefits will also be considered, but this is the big one for companies putting a system [...]

Warehouse software system case study: ICB

Case study: Warehouse software system using a barcode system for inventory management brings big benefits to leading UK alcoholic drinks manufacturer, InterContinental Brands. Click below to view.

Access integration with WMS

Posted on Aug 5, 2010 in AccessIntegrationWarehouse management system

Common question – simple answer The answer is simply yes and with ease.We have examples of Clients where we have performed this, the speed is excellent and the system never skips a beat – how about visiting one of these stock control system installations to see it in action? To find out more on how [...]

PeopleVox RFID in Ministry of Defence

In November 2008, PeopleVox starting working with the Ministry of Defence to help track pallets using RFID (radio frequency identification).

Top 5 tips paper to electronic warehouse

I visit many companies each week that are considering throwing out their paper system in favour of an electronic paper-free solution. Here are my top 5 tips if you are one of these companies looking to make this move: 1. Getting everything barcoded can be seen as an arduous task. Best way is to start [...]

WMS installed at Island Steel UK

After 10 years of having their products barcoded but not using them within their operation, Island Steel, a leading steel stockholder and processor based in Newport South Wales, successfully implemented a warehouse management system from PeopleVox.