Cloud Conversion ERP 

  • Create a master plan for your season or year
  • Automate purchase order creation for sales orders for non-stocked items for a JIT (just-in-time) business model
  • Automated PO recommendations based on a demand plan

Peoplevox warehouse management system

  • Receive up to 70% more quickly with barcode scanning
  • Automate reconciliation against purchase orders
  • Receive items without a barcode label, reconcile against the PO and automate the printing of item labels for the newly arrived inventory

E-commerce cRM

Cloud Conversion ERP 

  • Get one view of your online customers
  • Stop wasting time with unproductive shared email inboxes
  • Communicate with eBay, Amazon and your own website customers through one combined back-end

Peoplevox warehouse management system

  • Automated sales order progress updates from your warehouse to customer service so your team are prepared for customer service calls


Inventory and product information management

Peoplevox provides real-time inventory levels for your inventory in your warehouse. Cloud Conversion can consolidate inventory levels from your supplier feeds, retail stores and Peoplevox so you can show them online.

Cloud  Conversion ERP

  • Consolidate multiple inventory levels from different sources, including supplier XML feeds
  • Store all your product details in one place and synchronise with your various sales channels.  Product details, images, descriptions, prices, weight, size and more can all be stored in a single database
  • Route orders to different fulfilment centres based on your business rules

Peoplevox warehouse management system

  • Product information is imported into Peoplevox from Cloud Conversion when products are created or edited
  • Send real-time inventory levels to Cloud Conversion from your warehouse operations
  • Get a single view of inventory across multiple fulfilment centres

Order management system

Cloud Conversion ERP

  • Merge multiple orders from one marketplace customer to reduce shipping costs
  • Manage the allocation of inventory between multiple sales channels, including eBay & Amazon
  • Manage simple returns and refunds

Peoplevox warehouse management system 

  • Manage allocation of inventory from the warehouse to sales orders
  • Send real-time order status updates

Warehouse management system

Peoplevox warehouse management system

  • Go paperless in your warehouse with our Android app for mobile devices and tablets
  • Get accountability on productivity and track 'fastest pickers' and other metrics in our dashboards
  • Stop hiring more staff for busy periods and enable your team to ship more with less effort
  • Get stock integrity in your warehouse

Point of sales integration

Connect your point of sale solution- EPOS 

  • Get a combined inventory for your retail stores and warehouse in one core system of record
  • Use the latest ePOS solutions like Lightspeed Commerce and VendHQ
  • Sell your store inventory on your e-commerce platform