The following employees are responsible for researching, writing and uploading information and articles to this website:

>> Jonathan Bellwood

As Founder and CEO of Peoplevox, Jonathan Bellwood understands the difficulties eCommerce companies face everyday. With a background in eCommerce warehouse operations and sales, he regularly shares his insight on optimising warehouse management on the company blog. Find Jonathan on LinkedIn.

>> Oliver Rhodes

Oliver is the Sales Director at Peoplevox and he has worked behind the scenes on over 200 eCommerce clients including Barbour, TJ Hughes, and Oliver Bonas. With extensive knowledge of Magento, he updates the blog with insight gained from dealing directly with our clients and prospects. Find Oliver on LinkedIn.

>> Melissa Hunt

Melissa is the Marketing Executive at Peoplevox. She manages the inbound marketing campaigns across the company, including digital marketing, and organises the events the company gets involved in. She updates the blog with interesting industry news. Find Melissa on LinkedIn.

>> Jess Lawrence

 As Content Creator, it is Jess’ job to ensure that all Peoplevox content, from eBooks and blog posts to user stories and case studies, meets the high company standards. She also monitors the social media, edits the online content and regularly updates the blog with informative and engaging posts. Find Jess on LinkedIn.