• Wireless access points for small sites
  • Wireless switches for warehouses
  • Wireless access ports for wireless switches
  • Wireless site surveys for larger warehouse operations

A selection of PeopleVox enterprise wireless network Clients:

Aco Technologies

Motorola enterprise wireless network to cover their 3,000+ pallets spaces across their manufacturing facility and storage yard delivered by PeopleVox’s team of experts.

Messier-Dowty (Safran)

Messier-Dowty were having difficulty with getting a reliable wireless network coverage in their small parts storage facility. Frequently dropped signals were decreasing their staff productivity. PeopleVox put in an enterprise wireless network and to date they have had ZERO down time.


Country Attire operate in a less than standard warehouse building. Thick stone walls and rivers to run cables over created some challenging work for our team of enterprise wireless network engineers. PeopleVox provided bullet-proof wireless network coverage thanks to fibre optic cabling and some beefy access points with high gain antennas.


Crafty Arts had patchy wireless network coverage in their warehouse. We helped them find a quick fix with a Motorola access point that blasted through their warehouse racking.


Mentfield are a 3PL, holding stock on behalf of companies like Liam Gallagher’s fashion label Pretty Green. PeopleVox’s enterprise wireless network has been enabling them to use RF (radio frequency) with their warehouse management system since 2009…ZERO downtime.

Phlex Global

Phlex Global, based in Amersham installed PeopleVox’s document management system using barcoding. A Motorola enterprise wireless network facilitated the system and has been providing reliable coverage ever since.

Intercontinental Brands

Intercontinental Brands

Intercontinental Brands installed a PeopleVox warehouse management system in 2009. As part of the complete warehouse solution we provided a Motorola enterprise wireless network to cover their entire Middlesbrough manufacturing facility.

PeopleVox provide enterprise wireless networks for any sized business and pride ourselves on reliability and service. Email us or call to discuss your requirements: +44 1923 606 660