System overview

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Business sectors

Designed for e-commerce, Peoplevox clients range from pure play e-commerce in industries such as fashion and homeware, to businesses with e-commerce, warehouse operations and stores.


Integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning solutions such as NetSuite, e-commerce platforms such as Magento, and carrier software such as MetaPack, using our suite of off-the-shelf integrations. 


Choose how many concurrent users you need to support your warehousing operation. Easily add more users to your system during peak times and remove them again when you are quiet.



Manage one or multiple warehouses. Operate each warehouse independently; access data across all warehouses to accurately track your operations.


Map your warehouse in Peoplevox. Logically group and sequence locations to optimise flow. Use containers to move groups of items, and quarantine for damaged stock.


Set up product information directly in Peoplevox or import it via integrations or files. View live inventory figures and use them to feed your e-commerce website.


Customer orders

Enter customer orders directly into Peoplevox or import them via integrations or files. Choose when and how to pick and despatch orders. See when stock to fulfil orders is unavailable or needs replenishing.

Purchase orders

Enter purchase orders directly into Peoplevox or import them via integrations or files from other systems. Receive goods against purchase orders and track purchase order fulfilment.


Scan picked items to see despatch details. Print labels and documents. Split orders over multiple packages. Display package suggestions and use carrier integrations to reduce pack-bench decisions.



Communicate with external systems or manipulate data before sending/receiving it by writing into our API.

Mobile barcode scanning

Move freely around the warehouse using mobile hardware (e.g. android devices) to carry out operations such as receive, pick and stock movement. 

Cloud printing

Choose which local printers will print your documents and labels. Print from the web and mobile application. Re-print in the event of printer issues.


System updates

Regular updates let clients benefit from latest features and bug fixes to the Peoplevox system. 


Continue mobile warehouse operations in the event of local network issues.

Current & historical data

Report on warehouse performance, perform year-on-year comparisons. Spot trends. Investigate queries.



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Configurable process flows

Customise process flows to suit your operation; for example, choose whether to automatically approve stock take variances and when to scan locations during pick.

Customised labels & documents

Create A4 documents using our Custom Documents feature. Create and upload your own customised labels using external design software such as ZebraDesigner.

Print rules

Control which documents and labels get printed at despatch using configurable print rules.


Kitting and bundles

Sell kits or bundles, and Peoplevox will be able to pick and despatch the individual products that comprise them.

Composite barcode handler

Scan a barcode that contains product and unit of measure data, and Peoplevox will know the quantity without the need to scan each item.

Multiple barcodes per supplier

Source a single product in Peoplevox from multiple suppliers and Peoplevox will recognise which product the supplier barcodes relate to.


Business intelligence

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Run system reports for up-to-date metrics and detail on a wide range of warehouse operations from goods-in to despatch and user activity.

Configurable reports

Customise and share system reports. Choose whether to show details or summaries; all information or information meeting specific criteria.

Export data

Perform specific data analysis by exporting data from Peoplevox and manipulating / analysing it in external tools of your choice.



Run system dashboards to see and track up-to-date key metrics for your warehouse operations clearly.

Configurable dashboards

Choose what to display on your dashboards by creating your own set from your customised reports.


Supply chain

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Scan items into the warehouse by receiving against purchase orders or items, or choose to receive whole deliveries at once without scanning items. Print documentation.


Compare what was received against what was expected on the purchase order or goods-in reference. Choose to reconcile automatically or to trigger the reconciliation manually and take action on  each variance reported.


Process returned items against sales orders. Customise return reasons to help you track why items are returned. Identify which items are resellable and can be returned to inventory, and which are not.


In the warehouse

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Customisable put-away rules let Peoplevox tell users where to put items that have been received into the warehouse.


Get goods recorded in a location in the warehouse quickly. Useful if, for example, you find items on the warehouse floor.

Move and remove

Move items or containers from one warehouse location to another, or remove from warehouse. View and track stock movement via reports.


Pick face replenishment

Know when to bring stock forward from bulk and how much to move. Replenish when pick face quantities fall below user-defined minimum pick face quantities, or below what is needed to pick current orders.

Manage failed picks

Handle failed picks (picks that had an issue with one or more item/location combinations) by checking the item/location and taking action by, for example, adjusting removing damaged stock or repairing a damaged location.

Stock adjustments

Manually adjust the quantity of an item in a location, giving a reason for the adjustment. Useful for managing failed picks and processes outside Peoplevox that affect inventory.


Inventory count

Count inventory by performing a stocktake on a location or container. Peoplevox compares the inventory you scan with what it expects to be there and produces a variance report listing any differences.

Inventory variance

Accept a variance if you agree with the stocktake value; reject if you agree with the system value. Establish stock in new locations by stocktaking these (empty) locations and accepting the variances.


Perform warehouse activities such as move and despatch on large quantities of items at once by using 'containers' - large holders which sit in a specific location or can be moved around the warehouse.



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Create and manage picks

Control and track when and how to pick orders. Choose from a wide range of efficient methods to suit your orders and product types, whether they be small e-commerce or large wholesale orders.


Receive pick lists to mobile devices, and follow on-screen instructions of what to pick next from where. Pick methods range from one person picking one order to multiple order batch picks.

Unit of measure pick calculator

Define units of measure, such as inner and outer cases, for an item, so it can be picked by case instead of scanning each one. See the best combination of units of measure to fulfil orders.


Smart re-routing of failed picks

Reduce incomplete picks by following on screen instructions for alternative locations if items cannot be found in the directed location. Skip problem items.


Remove a picked item if there is an issue; for example, if it gets damaged during the pick. Follow instructions to pick another of the same item.


Move picked items between locations and containers prior to despatch. Use as few containers as possible by packing efficienctly to minimise shipping costs.


Despatch by item / sales order

Scan a picked item or sales order to see what else needs to be despatched for that order, where it is and if it is ready to despatch. Pack items in one or more packages, add carrier info and print documents and labels.

Despatch by load

Despatch multiple sales orders for one customer using a single load reference. Use when a group of pallets contains all items for all the orders, but orders are split across pallets and pallets contain a mixture of orders.

Quick despatch multiple orders

Despatch orders quickly without having to scan items. This allows you to despatch from your office when, for example,  your picking has been handled by a process or system external to Peoplevox.


Despatch package suggestion

Display customised packing suggestions on-screen to staff at the packing bench to reduce decision-making for the operator and increase efficiency for despatch.

Pack bench printing

Print (or reprint) appropriate despatch documentation and labels for your orders at the pack bench using customised print rules. Increase efficiency and reduce errors.

External carrier interface

Link external carriers using our integrations or OpenDespatch. Send despatch package details then receive carrier, shipping and tracking data, and print documents on local printers.


As you can see, the Peoplevox Warehouse Management System is feature packed. But, of course, there's nothing quite like seeing a system in action, so we'd love to give you a demo.