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Project Kick-Off & Implementation Planning

Your project will be initiated with a call to introduce your Implementation Consultant and Project Coordinator should you require one.

We use this meeting to overview the high-level project plan and agree on target timelines for the milestones.

Typically implementation timelines are agreed at between 8-12 weeks for a small-medium sized e-commerce company.

System Setup Assistance

Peoplevox's warehouse management software is designed so that it can be setup by your fulfilment team.

Our Implementation Consultants will show them how to setup the system and can either then guide your team through doing it or do any remote tasks for them.

Many of our clients want to become self-sufficient which means they choose to have a collaborative implementation so that their team takes ownership for setting the system up.

This will result in your company being able to make changes like adding a new warehouse or even moving site without the need for outside help.

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Getting your team ready to use Peoplevox starts with getting your superusers up to speed on the fundamentals on the system.

From this foundation, they'll develop their working knowledge of the WMS platform to ensure they understand how and why the system is setup as it has been.

We front-load the superuser training, however we've found it works best to back-load the warehouse team's training. This means they move quickly from the training course to going live within just 5-10 working days, maximising how much of the training session learning they can reinforce by using the system.

Workflow Mapping

The configuration options available to you will be mapped against your fulfilment processes.

Getting the right operational processes for your business will be an iterative process. Our Implementation Consultants will advise you on where to start based on experience with similar companies and your warehouse space.

Your company will change how it operates over time, particularly as you scale up. Being able to adopt new workflows and reconfigure your operational processes is one of the benefits of partnering with Peoplevox for your warehouse management system.


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Getting Your Inventory Into Peoplevox

The most important thing to have when you start using a new warehouse management system is accurate inventory. Failure to get started on the right foot will result in you working through inventory errors downstream for weeks after you go-live.

There are three ways to get your inventory into a new warehouse management system.

  1. Import existing inventory figures via a spreadsheet.
  2. Stock take your whole warehouse at once.
  3. Stock take your warehouse section by section, maintaining the inventory integrity by tracking adjustments in areas that have been counted using the warehouse management system.


Checking Everything Is Ready

Once your system setup is complete you'll be able to begin user acceptance testing.

The only way to be 100% comfortable on how a system will work in your business is to ensure your team has tested and reviewed it in detail.

Your Implementation Consultant will help you to test by providing test scripts to follow and will ensure support is on hand to resolve any blocking issues that you come across during your tests.


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Transition to Live Service

Your Implementation Consultant or Project Coordinator will remain your main point of contact up until any go-live issues have been burned down and we have a call with you to close out the go-live.





Leading up to your go-live day we will meet with you to review your preparation against a go / no-go checklist.

We understand what it takes to ensure a smooth go-live and prefer to take longer with you to get things right over trying to go-live before your business is ready.

Working with you in this way will limit the additional stress that we put your warehouse team under and help to build confidence in the new way of working from day one.