Manage your warehouse and know exactly where everything is

Control and move stock within your warehouse. See exactly what stock you have and where it is.

Take received goods from the goods-in area and put-away <put-away on features list redirects to here> to a specific location in the warehouse. Choose to putaway whole containers, individual items from containers, individual items from locations or all items from a location. Choose where to put items, or let Peoplevox suggest locations based on user-defined rules.

If you need to get goods recorded into a warehouse location fast, then register <register on features list redirects to here>  is the feature for you. Useful if you find something without a location - on the warehouse floor, for example. If want to receive goods quickly or need to link the item to a delivery note then we recommend you take a look at our receive methods instead.

Inventory in the wrong place? Move whole containers, individual items from containers or individual items from locations and scan them into your new chosen location. And if you want to remove the items completely from the warehouse - perhaps you have a shop front to your warehouse and need to re-stock it - choose to Remove instead.

No-one wants their pickers held up because of insufficient stock in the pick face. Avoid this by telling Peoplevox the minimum quantity of each item you wish to hold in the pick face, and use replenishment actions to get that stock re-filled from bulk as soon as pick face levels drop below the minimum. Or, if you are particularly busy or have fast-moving items, our Replenishment by allocation report shows you items for which more stock is allocated to orders than currently exists in your pick face, allowing you to get that stock replenished even before it drops below the minimum.

Sometimes a picker just can’t find the right item for a pick. Seeking immediate help would hold up their picking, so the picker is able to resolve this themselves by asking Peoplevox to find the item in a different location or even skipping it altogether. When this happens Peoplevox knows there could be an issue with the original item/location combination so stops sending other pickers there until the issue has been handled, and marks the pick as ‘failed’ so you know it needs attention later. Handle ‘failed’ picks by visiting the locations and seeing what is there. Perhaps the picker just missed the item, or there could be a more serious issue such as a leaky roof dripping water into the location, or damaged stock from a neighbouring location affecting it. Using the adjustments you can tell Peoplevox what useable stock is actually in the location - this could be zero - then mark the action as handled.

And because every movement is tracked, you can use the Item movement history report to see the exact journey your items have taken through the warehouse. Jump to reporting.

Note: Inventory count, inventory variance and containers have not been expanded as I think that, without the ability to include screen shots of the system, we’ve covered them enough in the higher level list.