Connecting to your E-Commerce Platform

Enable real-time inventory updates to maximise sales and eliminate overselling, as well as offering live despatch confirmations and tracking, by using our off-the-shelf plugins. Alternatively, write your own integration with our Open API.

Managing your sales channels

Managing your inventory across a multitude of marketplaces can offer up logistical challenges. Fortunately, our WMS integrates with the systems you use to manage that process.


Printing your shipping labels

On demand printing  of your shipping labels so you can pack and despatch in one smooth process is essential. Using our open source carrier platform or one of our integrations means you can fulfil that requirement, as well as closing the loop by sending tracking information back to your sales channel


Connecting your retail software

Sharing inventory data with your retail stores and online customers is important. Knowing exactly what you have available across every aspect of your business allows you to increase sales efficiency.

Adding a WMS to your ERP

ERPs tend to have a limited order fulfilment functionality. Combining it with a WMS means you can automate the goods inbound process and reconcile purchases with what has been received. making life easier and more efficient.

Accounting Platforms you might use alongside Peoplevox

As you scale you'll start to reach the limits of what can be achieved with your accounting software without a WMS alongside it. Our integrations help you reduce the volume of transactions you run through it.