PeopleVox – With you all the way with superior Inventory System Support

Whether you have an existing implementation or are implementing a new warehouse management system, you can be sure that your inventory system support will be fully covered by PeopleVox with minimal time and cost to your company.

Once installed and live, our support team is there for you or simply use our award winning online Client portal for the helpdesk, logging repairs, checking service contracts or downloading the latest software files. Are we good at inventory system support? We have not lost a user of our system in 3 years.

Support levels

Dependent on your requirements, we have 3 standard inventory system support levels. These are fully managed, advanced and basic which include the items overviewed below.

Software support contracts

Software maintenance contracts typically run for a one year period; this includes updates and full support. Average response time to a logged ticket is less than 1 hour and 99% of issues are resolved within 48 hours. We train our people relentlessly on inventory system support to be able to answer your questions quickly and accurately.

Repairs & maintenance of hardware

All issues are logged via our online portal, One Service Portal. Here our support team are on hand to offer all the assistance you require.

Added to this feature you will also be able to produce your own reports ensuring we are meeting the required standard. Hardware repairs are typically carried out in 3 days. Again, you can check this in the online system. On-site service is available for items such as wireless networking, although most of these issues can be repaired remotely. Either way, we ensure we ‘hold your hand’ throughout deployment.

Remote management of hardware and software

To save you having to send in the handheld mobile computers back to PeopleVox every time when they are not functioning, we will first connect to that device from our office if possible. In the majority of cases we can diagnose the problem and fix it.

If it needs to go for repair at the manufacturer, we save you time and money by having the product shipped directly back to you. On receipt, you simply enter the serial number(s) into our One Service Portal system and it produces some barcodes for you to scan. When you scan these, all your software and network settings are uploaded so the product works. For new software updates, these can be pushed to you in the same way.

This service removes the wasted time and cost of having to get the product sent to our offices and have our engineers uploading this software.