Thinking of upgrading to Magento 2?

You're ready to make the next step in growing your online sales and you need your warehouse operations to keep up.

One of the best things about our Magento 2 integration is that it can be implemented quickly and easily, with zero downtime.

  • Requires no development or installation on the Magento 2 back-end, just API access
  • Zero interruption to your Magento 2 developer team's workload
  • Easily configured to different market needs

Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition

Go to market even faster with Magento 2 Cloud Edition and Peoplevox. Combining cloud-based Enterprise technology, let Magento and Peoplevox worry about coping with spikes in demand and ensuring your Black Friday sales run smoothly.


Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

The most customisable, feature-rich Magento 2 edition, enables you to take complete control of your commerce experience. Extend your reach back through your fulfilment and shipping using Peoplevox's advanced warehouse management.


Magento 2 Community Edition

The free edition of the Magento 2 platform is designed to cater for startups and emerging brands. We support this edition with our modular warehouse management system which enables you to start simple and add complexity as you scale.


"With the expansion of Magento's platform to include a Cloud Edition and Commerce Order Management it is now well setup to be the complete commerce solution for our larger client's businesses."

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