The Peoplevox Magento integration

Our plugin enables real-time communication between your Magento set-up and warehouses. Perfect inventory synchronisation, order updates and despatch information means you can solve all the problems above and more.

  • Assign unique barcodes to every product - 99.99% picking accuracy
  • Check goods in and have them available for sale within the hour
  • Make the most of your warehouse space by implementing dynamic locations
  • Automate dynamic picking routes to get your pickers through the warehouse faster
  • Live inventory - reduce overselling and increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce administrative overheads and never print anything again!
  • Integrate shipping information for automated passing of customer details to carriers
  • Enable live status updates for customers - reduce customer service calls

Easy implementation - no downtime

One of the best things about our integration is that it can be implemented quickly and easily, with zero downtime.

  • Requires no development or installation on the Magento back-end, just API access
  • Zero interruption to your Magento developer team's workload
  • Easily configured to different market needs

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