Magento inventory management


Our Magento inventory management enables you to get a real-time inventory feed between what happens in your warehouse and your Magento webstore. 


Advanced Magento inventory management

Magento inventory managementMagento’s standard inventory management doesn’t help you to keep track of your actual inventory levels it just keeps track of how many you have available to sell.

Our Magento inventory management is gives you 3 inventory levels that we think are vital to help you keep track of exactly what is in your warehouse.

On hand

Your ‘On hand’ inventory is everything that sits in your warehouse.


The ‘Allocated’ inventory level is calculated by adding together the total quantity of an item that is allocated to Sales Orders that have not yet been picked and despatched.


The ‘Available’ inventory level is calculated by decrementing the ‘On Hand’ inventory by the total number of an item that are ‘Allocated’ to a sales order that has not yet been picked and shipped. (On Hand inventory – Allocated inventory = Available inventory)

The ‘Available’ inventory level is the quantity that is sent to Magento to give you live inventory levels.



Warehouse inventory management software


Our Magento integration can take care of your webstores inventory because our inventory management software is in complete control of what is your warehouse.

You can track all inventory movements using our mobile scanning app that connects via a wireless network and it ensures that your warehouse and Magento have accurate inventory levels.

To find out more you can request a demo of Peoplevox’s Magento inventory management system or download an ebook that explains how it works.