PeopleVox mobile workforce software enables your workers out in the field – sales force, field support, installation or delivery people – to access and provide real-time data to improve efficiencies and transform the customer experience.

A mixture of an online and offline system, PeopleVox mobile workforce software enables workers to take orders, make deliveries and interact with stock control information through a mobile phone, PDA, barcode reader or computer, ensuring that their activity is recorded centrally.

The system will integrate with all manufacturing, website CMS (content management system) or management software. Used as part of our stock control software for internet retailers or our stock management software for manufacturers, it can provide a powerful solution to meet all of your mobile workforce and inventory management needs.

What are the advantages of PeopleVox mobile workforce software?

    • Our mobile workforce software ensures that you have real-time data regarding goods, services and people at all times.
    • It can enable your sales people to access live stock information and ensures that any sales are instantly removed from available stock.
    • It gives you up-to-the-minute delivery information, keeping customers properly informed and monitoring individual and overall delivery efficiency.
    • It can feed back work orders from field workers, confirming completed jobs for instant invoicing.
    • Our mobile workforce software can also provide a track and trace capability for distribution and delivery services.
    • Our mobile workforce software can be accessed from any standard computer, anywhere in the world.




PeopleVox mobile workforce software can be purchased or deployed on a pay-monthly software rental model, making it a highly cost-efficient solution. Once installed, instant data and reporting are available 24/7 for any authorised user.

To find out how our mobile workforce software could help your business to improve the interface between remote workers and central information systems, email our team, or call us for an initial discussion: +44 (0) 844 800 6569.