Netsuite WMS integration

Why do I need a WMS and NetSuite? 

NetSuite is a very strong core financial and business system. It is designed to work for software companies, law firms, accountants, wholesalers, retailers and just about every other type of business that needs financial integrity and centralised information.

For every vertical industry there are business challenges that require more niche solutions. If you are a retailer, wholesale distributor or e-commerce business your warehouse and inventory management is a core function of your business.

NetSuite has two WMS solutions; WMS Lite and WMS Enterprise. Considering these options in detail will help you to understand where our NetSuite warehouse management system can offer additional value to your business.


Which should I implement first? 

This will depend on the technology you are currently using in your business and the challenges you are struggling with the most.

Implementing our warehouse management system can be done more quickly than implementing NetSuite's ERP solution and our NetSuite warehouse management system.

If you have an e-commerce platform that we can connect to directly, implementing our WMS and then introducing NetSuite at a later stage can minimise the risk of switching.

There will be pro's and con's of both options and they will vary depending on your business requirements.

We recommend discussing with our Solution Consultants if you'd like to know more.


What are the integration points? 

NetSuite's native API is used to connect to our API for the following transactions:

  • Purchase order export
  • Goods in note import - reconciliation of what is received against the PO
  • Inventory transactions
  • Sales order export
  • Despatch / shipment import with tracking details from parcel carriers

Do I need NetSuite licenses for my warehouse? 

One of the benefits of using our NetSuite warehouse management system is that your warehouse team will use our licences, rather than NetSuite licences.

NetSuite WMS applications that are native to the platform will require NetSuite licences.


How long does it take to implement? 

Peoplevox typically takes 8-12 weeks to implement into an established e-commerce warehouse that is operating during the process.


Can I use Peoplevox without an ERP like NetSuite?

If you are scaling your e-commerce company you're sure to be feeling pain across almost every function of your business.

The challenge is that most 'ERP' solutions that are built for small and medium sized retailers are not scalable, otherwise the biggest companies would be using them and they'd be enterprise solutions.

As you're growing fast the demands of each part of your business change quickly and the type of solution needed will reflect these changes.

60% of our clients use our product in combination with their e-commerce platform, a CRM like Zendesk and an accounting software like Sage, Xero or Quickbooks.

They've made a conscious decision to make their fulfilment scalable and get stock integrity their priority and can always add an ERP like NetSuite when they're ready.

If you'd like to know more about how a Netsuite integration could help your business, or would like some unbiased advice without the sales pitch, you can arrange a call with one of our solutions experts.