Superfast order picking software

Pick intelligently, quickly and accurately

With PeopleVox order picking is done using our purpose-built order picking software and a barcode scan.

  • Pick routing: Save time by picking in the fastest route.
  • Barcode scan: Eliminate picking errors.
  • Batch pick: Pick multiple orders at once.

order picking software

Pick route optimisation: Save travel time by picking in the fastest route

You don’t need to waste time trying to work out the fastest route to pick and order or multiple orders. PeopleVox’s order picking software automatically sorts the items to be picked into the fastest route through the warehouse.

  • Scale: New staff can pick efficiently from day 1.
  • Save: Eliminate the need for sorting orders before picking.
  • Increase capacity: Pick more orders with the same people.

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Barcode scanning: Picking the correct item first time

You don’t need people to double-check orders have been picked correctly. Barcode scanning ensures that the right item is picked first time.

If multiple orders are picked in a batch, PeopleVox’s order picking software will suggest a second scan at the packing bench will ensure every order is shipped accurately.

  • Speed up: Eliminate routine quality checks.
  • Accuracy: PeopleVox Clients target 1 error in 40,000 orders.

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order picking barcodes

Single item supremacy: Picking at >100 orders per hour

Stop sorting through picked items at the pack bench. PeopleVox’s single item picking gives you all the benefits of picking many orders together without the pain of having to manually match them up to their packing note and shipping label.

  • Paperless: Sort and pick orders without paper.
  • Batch: Pick items that are located near to each other.
  • Print: Scan each item to print the paperwork.

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Sales order sortation: Decide when and how orders are picked

Stop printing sales orders. Stop sorting them into piles depending on their carrier, sales channel or similar. PeopleVox enables sales order sortation electronically to speed you up in the morning and save hours every day.

  • Filter: Sort your orders based on their attributes.
  • Prioritise: Assign a priority number to each order or batch.
  • Flexible: Choose the right picking method for each order.

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Order picking sortation

What benefits does PeopleVox order picking software bring?

  • The system tells the warehouse picker where to go to get the items via a screen on a hand-held barcode reader.
  • Items have to be scanned when picked. Pick the wrong ones and the system beeps back at you with a mis-pick message, preventing accidental picking of slightly different colours, sizes etc.
  • Each customer order is automatically pulled from your order system, typically a CMS, so you never miss a requested delivery.
  • Once the order is picked, the order system data is automatically updated, so customer service staff or customers can see real-time data at all times.
  • Accurate picking reduces wrong delivery costs, returns costs and minimises irate customers.
  • Quick to get new users up and running because they don’t need to know where items are stored or what they look like.
  • The system is fully scalable across multiple stores or warehouses.
  • PeopleVox can help you to optimise your order picking procedures and improve your warehouse layout.
  • We can design your barcode label software and provide all of the hardware you may need.