The Peoplevox Fulfilment Plan

We aim to leave the world of e-commerce better than we found it. We do this by helping retailers scale through our Peoplevox Fulfilment Program.

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Our fulfilment consultants can help you review how you're currently operating, using tools like our warehouse auditor to get a snapshot of your business as is.

Videos, photos and visits to our customer's sites enable them to understand exactly where your challenges lie and share feedback on how other companies have coped when they've been in your situation.


Implement best practices

Our transformation process is structured around five core pillars that combine to enhance the impact of the best practices we deliver in each area:

  1. Your People
  2. Operational Processes
  3. Technology being used
  4. Physical Environment
  5. Materials Handling Equipment
Operation Control & Visibility


Our system is so easy to use that it won't be any problems managing peak times anymore. It gives you real time insight into your stock accuracy and let's you ship orders on time every time, creating happy customers.



Every company needs a complete solution in order to accurately assess their situation. With our system you can analyse selling trends and make your business much more efficient, both short term and long term.